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domingo, 19 de diciembre de 2010


Buenos días, hoy les voy a poner una entrevista con Pierre Louis que tenía guardada para el mes de octubre, pero como no hemos actualizado desde septiembre pues la pongo ahora jajaaj, espero que os guste:

1.Age? 20 
2.Your city? capbreton
3.Years in bodyboard? 10
4.Places visited due to bodyboard? : australia,hawaii,tahiti,reunion,guadeloupe,USA,peru,chili,bresil,canaries,spain,portugal,france,morroco,indonesia,
5. What do you feel when you are surfing? Free 
6.Do you think that you will win the WT someday? I hope so,it s not easy but I will try as long as I have motivation to compete
7. Local Spot? : capbreton
8.Favorite spot? fronton
9.Favorite trick? loop
10.Colour for your board? blue deck, grey slick,white rail
11.Your opinion of the bodyboard in the canary islands? : highest level after australia,
12.Sponsors? rip curl , ogm , Vs , pull in , steath, 
13.Car of your dreams? : a car who doesn t need pretrol
14.Activities in your free time? tennis,golf,surf,
15.How are you before your accident jumping? better,i m recovered from the injury(
15.Your Music (rock,hip-hop,rap,heavy and artists, songs...)? all genres as long as the song is good, I m a big fan of Eminem though
16.Favorite food ?: pasta 
17. What motivates you? Make the people I love proud and happy

Pierre on Riding Zone from RIRAW.TV on Vimeo.

Pierre s episodes : Hawaii from RIRAW.TV on Vimeo.

Pierre s episodes : Spain from RIRAW.TV on Vimeo.

Disfruten de la entrevista y los videos! Buenas olassssss!

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